Friday, March 1, 2013

Chapter 2: The Sunday Show

Welcome back to another blog post everyone, I'm going to be tackling the second chapter of my book, The Circus Act. Before we move on, if you haven't read the previous post discussing the first chapter, I highly recommend you take a look and then come back to follow with us. 

Previously on the first chapter, I stated key terms that will be important through out the book. This chapter  discusses the first term on the list, The Sunday School Show and how it applies to the individual and a specific product and/or service offering. The chapter begins with Purpose and Persistence preparing for the Sunday School Show and Purpose is discussing the significance and importance of the Sunday School Show for the Circus. "A circus – like any good business – is not a slapdash Freak Show. It is committed to excellence in every facet – including morals and values – like a Sunday school class. Too many businesses are chained to the concept of making a buck in today's tough economy,” (pg. 17). 

The Sunday School Show applies to business on an individual level; to achieve success within your business you need to really look deep within yourself and find the strengths and weaknesses. Struggling with morals and values is an every day occurrence but you shouldn't let your struggles define you. "The past does not have to equal the future; today is called the present because it is, in fact, a gift," (pg. 19). 

Be sure to stay up to date with my blog as I go through each chapter of my book. Thank you for supporting me and look forward to receiving specific tools for success.

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Alvin S. Perry, DBA, MBA

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