Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Circus

How is everyone doing? Today, I plan to discuss the first chapter of my book, "The Circus Act." For those of you who are unfamiliar of what my book is about, "The Circus Act" is my way of helping out individuals seeking career and entrepreneurship success. My book will follow two elephants named Purpose and Persistence who are on a journey in pursuit of success. 

The first chapter introduces "The Circus Parade" which is this amazing show that Purpose and Persistence have invitations for. The blue elephants both plan to develop skills sets with a focus on the core personal and business systems after getting a behind-the-scenes look at "The Circus Parade." But before proceeding to the show, Purpose discusses some key terms that will be very important through out the book:
  • The Sunday School Show and how it applies to the individual and a specific product and/or service offering.
  • The Territory is another way of looking at personal and business market opportunities.
  • The Box Office is circus lingo for individual accomplishment and business sales.
  • The Regional Marketing Director represents your personal brand image and heads marketing of the company’s products or services.
  • The Ringmaster provides an understanding of your personal action and transition into taking the lead in business operations.
  • Troupers deal with your personal development and are another way of saying “human resources.”
  • The Take is your personal money management and the enterprise's financial state.
  • The Producer focuses on your personal risk protection and handles touchy topics like risk management and the other unpleasant pursuits for the business.
The chapter concludes with Purpose and Persistence entering the circus and sparking a conversation with an older man whom you later find out works in the circus. Both Purpose and Persistence let him know that they do not want to be performing elephants but regular employee's offering products and services for clients. 

Be sure to stay up to date with my blog as I tackle each chapter of my book. Thank you for supporting me and look forward to receiving specific tools for success.

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Alvin S. Perry, DBA, MBA

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