Friday, March 15, 2013

Chapter 3: The Territory

How is everyone doing today? Today, I will be going through the third chapter of my book, The Circus Act. Before we move on, if you haven't read the previous post discussing the second chapter, I highly recommend you take a look and then come back to follow with us. 

The second chapter discussed the first major term from the book, which was The Sunday School Show. In the third chapter, we analyze the next term on the list, The Territory and how, as a business, you need to protect your "territory" from intruders. Your territory is the center of your business and the intruders are your competitors, whether it is just an individual or another business. As a business, think about the region that your business ideas and services would benefit the most. Once you realize where your "territory" is, you must protect it at all cost; intruders will always be around to take over your region. 

“How many times have you had a million dollar idea and failed to act upon it, only to later discover that someone else took action and is now laughing all of the way to the bank? How many times have you been contacted by a friend or colleague about a new opportunity?” (pg. 26). As a business professional, you must realize that competition is fierce and communication outlets are bountiful; never let another person walk away with your idea. 

Be sure to stay up to date with my blog as I go through each chapter of my book. Thank you for supporting me and look forward to receiving specific tools for success.

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